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Cryptocurrency Backed by REAL GOLD!
Cryptocurrency Backed by Gold

Everyone is looking for a solid up and coming Cryptocurrency to invest in. But lets keep it completely real 95% of Cryptocurrencies fail. People are looking for a Cryptocurrency that is backed by something. There are stablecoins, usually they are backed by US dollars or precious metals. The #1 Cryptocurrency back by a precious metal is Karatbars. Karatbars is the #1 Cryptocurrency back by Gold!

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  • World First Crypto Bank
    • Miami KaratCoin Bank
    • Hong Kong KaratCoin Bank Branch
  • #1 Gold-based Blockchain currency
  • 480,000+ customers
  • 120 countries have bought gold bars from Karatbars GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Customers Investments Nearly 120 million USD
  • Blockchain Phone, ATMs and Smartphone APP coming soon

ICO Backed by Gold!
Rather than releasing an ICO backed by just an idea, KaratGold (KBC, KCB) has released an ICO backed by solid gold. KaratGold Coin is the most relevant Cryptocurrency Backed By Gold.

KaratGold (KBC, KCB) is a huge opportunity to get in early on something that can be potentially huge!

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Cryptocurrency Backed by Gold