Bitcoin/ICO Digital Marketing Don’t Smell Good - Article

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Bitcoin Digital Marketing - Cryptocurrency Internet Marketing
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Published on April 26, 2018

Bitcoin Digital Marketing - Cryptocurrency Internet Marketing

Bitcoin/ICO Digital Marketing - Ever since I set up, the Social Media sites(25) and the Business and Citation Listings(100+), I receive 30+  emails from Cryptocurrency companies every day and another 20 from ICOs.  Most of the companies are selling their services or product real hard.  They are Bitcoin Miners, ICOs, Traders, Exchanges, Speculators, Wallets, Blockchain Experts and new Digital Currency. When I go to their websites they have 5 to 10 pages, little and infrequent Social Media post and often a subpar looking website. What is going to make people take action and use your services or product when you don’t even seem like you are in business.  In addition, it’s a new industry to most and they need to be educated.

Crypto Digital Strategies Like These Rarely Work!

  • Multi Level Marketing(MLM)
  • Bad Affiliate Set Ups
  • Poor Speculators
  • Spam Email Marketing
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • The Old Webinar Super Pitch

These are Digital Marketing strategies from the late 90’s!

I am not here to bash, but many in the crypto industry think you can put up a website and hit people via email or messenger on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and things will happen.

People Search Crypto Businesses
People have been online long enough to know if you are half legit. Plus they will search you up and down. They will view your Social Media post, followers, reviews, business listings, local citations, company videos, articles, blogs, YouTube and Facebook live videos, PowerPoints, PDF’s, memes and competitors. Whatever you have out there they will check out. Cryptocurrency is new to most so they will truly work hard to find info about your product or services.

The Wild, Wild, West Is Over!

Every cryptocurrency company is trying to stake claim in this industry. But it’s getting harder.

  • Facebook on January 30th 2018 along with its platforms Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger basically banned cryptocurrency and ICO advertisement.
  • Google
    • Removed more than 3.2 billion cryptocurrency advertisements in 2017
    • Banned 320,000 Publishers
    • Blacklisted Nearly 90,000 Websites
    • Eliminated Two Million individual Pages
    • Ousted 700,000 Mobile Apps
    • Will Block in June 2018 All AdWord cryptocurrency advertisements
  • Twitter will ban cryptocurrency advertisement by the end of April

 Why Cryptocurrency Negativity?Bitcoin-Negativity-BitcoinWeasel-Trent-Partridge-Weasel--2600

  • Extreme Volatility in its Value
  • Abuse in Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Misleading Activities that lead to Trader Losses
  • Unregulated Financial Products
  • Deceptive Promotional Activities
  • Hacking All Over The World
  • Misleading Financial Products

It’s not your fault but it’s the industry your in so you have recognize that Trust, Integrity, Branding, Education, Engagement & Activity is crucial to your success. It’s time to get a Digital Marketing plan now.

One of a Kind Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

Because of the financial crisis in 2008 for several years I was creating Online Reputation Management strategies for companies who reputations were slaughtered online because of the crash.  I created strategies that helped companies:

  • Bolster Their Brand
  • Shape Their Public Perception
  • Built Customer Trust
  • Increase Their Internet Visibility
  • Grow Their Revenue

In the crypto world building a strong Digital Marketing and Reputation Management strategy is a must. I feel different from most industries there is so much uncertainty in cryptocurrency combined with negativity that you need a solid combination of Digital Marketing and Reputation Management. Paid is basically gone so having a strong long term strategy is paramount.

I created as a place where people can go and see videos about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and top crypto news.  I have over 9000 videos on the site. I invested in my marketing just like I recommend to all my clients

5 Things to do Online:

  1. Create Content ‘Content Is King’
  2. Add Video
  3. Be Active
  4. Optimize everything – SEO, Video SEO, Image SEO etc….
  5. Watch Your Competitors

If you cannot do it dammit hire someone like myself to do it for you.

Obviously I am a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency dude I am not just a top Digital Marketer. Let me and my team help you get on the right track in the new Crypto Digital Marketing World.

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