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Is Ripple or Ethereum a Security!? SEC Chaiman | CNBC interview

50 5 months ago Ethereum 0 0

Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news follow me on Instagram! @cinadean1 (0 fee trades) Click this link: ...

Ethereum Sharding And Plasma Could Scale By 10,000x

23 5 months ago Ethereum 0 0

talking about ethereum sharding and plasma, EOS funds are highly centralized, and Zencash's 51% attack Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in c ...

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/4/2018 by

30 5 months ago Ethereum 0 0

NEW Crypto Alert System: NEW Crypto Course: Recommended Fundamentals: Nugget's News Au ...

New Ethereum Critical Bug? Programmer explains.

74 5 months ago Ethereum 0 0

Ethereum Parity Critical bug was discovered in the Parity implementation. We're discussing what really happened and why we have several different Ethereum ...

Ethereum Breakout Soon? June Will Be Big For Ethereum!

59 5 months ago Ethereum 0 0

In this video I'll discuss the possibility of Ethereum having a breakout in June of 2018. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, and subscribe! ...


Blockchain Conference in Vietnam Amazing! Kineticex Revolution

An Amazing Blockchain Conference  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! What a great conference! I was invited to speak  as co-founder of Kineticex. Kineticex is a ...

SEC CFTC Ethereum Hearing FUD??

237 6 months ago Ethereum 0 0

Crypto and Tech News: Developers and investors are cautiously optimistic about the pending SEC and CFTC decision on whether or not Ethereum ...

P3D News: REVELATIONS OF Proof Of Weak Hands 3D # altcoins #cryptocurrency #ethereum

248 6 months ago Ethereum 0 0

The coming Pump The P3D devs have planned and don't want you to know about. Sell your P3D Tokens now. It's a public service announcement. Your Best L ...

How to buy bitcoin - how to buy bitcoin and ethereum on coinbase 💰

251 6 months ago Ethereum 0 0

You Can Start Practise Here - ...

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