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Published on April 11, 2018

Social Media Sucks! social-media-sucks-trent-partridge-bitcoin-cryptocurrency

I have heard this a 1000 times:

  • It Doesn’t Work
  • I Am Not Getting Leads
  • My Analytics Says Its Not Working
  • It Takes To Much Time
  • Its Not Worth It

I am going to tell you with confidence, not from some analytics software, not from data accumulated by my clients, not from articles online, I can tell you Social Media works because it works great for me!

I have been in the Internet Marketing business for 18+ years. I have had one good website and that was 9 years ago! Yes, can you imagine being in business for almost 10 years with out a website. How in the hell does that happen?

Here’s What I Didn’t Do:

  • No Ads Buys
  • No Social Media Buys
  • No Google Adwords
  • No Email List
  • No Sales Funnel
  • No Video (My Bad 1 video in 2008)
  • No Groups
  • No Networking Functions
  • No Cold Calling

Let me “Keep It Real” there are other businesses I am involved in Basketball Training, Photography & Consulting. But Internet Marketing is the core of my income.

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So how am I staying in business for this long with all the competition out there without a website? Purely it’s Social Media. I learned in school and reinforced at the ad agencies I worked, it takes people 7 times to understand your brand. Many people say 7 touch points. I have always given people content that is valuable to their business. I am not talking about contacting people individually. I am talking about posting all around solid business information. I curate great content from other sites and send them to my followers. Its tough for me to write sometimes, but I still provide good articles, videos, PDF’s etc….via curation.


Here is a big one. I aggregate content using tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. You know the names and the game. Send your message to multiple Social Media sites with one click.

Internet Visibility
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Be Every Place! I probably have created 2000 profiles in the past 5 years. Every business I am involved in basketball, photography, video, consulting etc….  has ad least 300 Social Media, Directory, Citation websites. Saying that, creating those websites doesn’t mean you are posting to them everyday. You are just creating them to be on that website. It means you have a profile on a Social Media/Directory/Citation website and if someone searches on that specific website for your industry, you have a possibility of coming up. In addition, when people do research on your business they will be able to find many sources. Plus you are controlling your messaging, reputation & brand. You are defining what you do on multiple websites. And last its great for SEO.

Walmart Neighborhood Market
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I always tell my friends when I sign up for all my Social Media websites certain ones are my Walmart Neighborhood Market Sites: Plurk, Blogger, Livejournal, Medium. And others are my Walmart Supercenter Sites: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin Tumblr. If you haven’t been in a Walmart Neighborhood Market its smaller, usually in a small plaza, green sign & not really noticeable. We know the Walmart Supercenter, everybody in your community knows where it is. You see the big blue sign from blocks away and its usually the marquis store of a plaza. Walmart knows they have to have both stores to be effective. You should understand that in your Digital Marketing/Social Media strategy that being visible on the Internet is paramount. You can’t just be in the Supercenters you have to be in the Neighborhood Markets also. Again I will emphasize when doing Social Media you have your core sites to post like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and Tumblr. The other ones you just want to create a solid profile.

You Big Dummy

Sometimes our hyper excel analytics, along with our lead and sales focussed brain hurts common sense and especially creativity. I remember I was at a large company’s office and they said Social Media doesn’t work. I said ‘What?’ and for some reason I started acting like Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) from the old TV hit Sanford and Son and said, ‘You Big Dummy.’  The Millennials were like WTH and started searching on their phones and eventually laughed 3 minutes later. The baby boomers laughed immediately. Eventually I got the company to understand how important Social Media is.

Finally, I am creating a Digital Marketing website. I thank my good friend Social Media for all the love it has given me for years.

Feel free to Contact Me for any of your Digital Marketing needs.

Trent Partridge
Author, Foster Parent, Youth Mentor, Basketball Trainer, Photographer, Digital Marketer