Karatbars International Affiliate Compensation Plan and the Truth Revealed

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Published on August 18, 2018

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Karatbars International business packages contain Gold Karatbars, marketing brochures, promotional DVD, Bonus cards that can be given out to potential partners for discounts towards certain materials, and several 3% bonus cards that allow for a 3% discount on all GOLD purchases for one entire year either for yourself or anyone you desire to hand the discount cards off to.

Karatbars Dual System Compensation Plan will allow for you to receive maximum profits from your ENTIRE downline, whether personally enrolled or enrollment by someone else. The beauty is that you may not ever meet people that you're earning a commission on. All purchases made within your organization receive unit values…..these unit values count toward the weekly cycle payouts within the Karatbars Dual System.

Packages are optional, however to earn commission in the DUAL System you must purchase one of 3 packages below:


Karatbars Dual System is a non flushing system. Any units not used during the cycle week will carry over to the next cycle week. Direct commission payouts are also paid on any DIRECT affiliates that you personally enroll…this is in addition to the Unit Cycle pay. Your personal direct affiliates that you've personally enrolled will earn you a direct commission at anytime when they decide to purchase a package…whether when they first enroll or sometime in the future ( you must have purchased a package prior to their purchasing their package or you will lose that commission)!


Important note: It is optional to participate in the DUAL SYSTEM.
All other income streams are FREE.